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hi. i'm sarah.

I’m a type-A creative person who enjoys strategy and problem-solving as much as I love painting and design. I started my business, S. Duff Media, in 2016 after realizing I wasn’t fulfilled in either area fully and took the risk to find that fulfillment on my own. 


My need to create coupled with a drive to change the game has allowed me to work with some well-known brands and small businesses shaking up their own spaces, and I can’t wait to see where this leads me next. I’ve wanted to do it all and moving forward, that’s the plan.


Starting in the new year, you can find me at my computer building out sales and marketing collateral, presentation decks, drawing pet portraits and children’s book characters or you may catch me behind a canvas or slinging some paint on a wall somewhere. Either place, I’m working on something great for a client just like you!

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Work Desk

what people say.

I have involved S. Duff Media in countless projects and can genuinely say I have never been disappointed or frustrated at any point.


Sarah is able to take anything from a drafted mock-up to an abstract vision and create the perfect visual to compliment your message. I have worked with her to create logos for two businesses and I found that just speaking with her helped me to solidify my own vision.


In this way, Sarah is not just a designer, but a partner; she truly invests herself in your project. Additionally, I have given her half-baked ideas and drafts at the very last moment (cringe!) and she has turned them around with lightning fast speed and a level of quality that exceeds what most designers could only dream of delivering.


On top of her instinctual vision and exemplary timeline adherence, Sarah does it all with a positive attitude and approach. I don't know how she does it, but I am so glad she does!

-- Rebecca W., Various Projects

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