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humble beginnings

There was a time not too long ago where my dreams did not consist of me running a creative marketing agency. Instead, I was climbing my way up the corporate ladder and learning whatever I could to fund my "try a new restaurant as often as I could" habit. In October 2016, I made a very impulsive decision to quit my job and give entrepreneurship a go. Starting a business with no clients and no game plan actually seemed less stressful than the experience I was having at the time. It took two months for me to land my first big client, and now I can't imagine a future in any other role.

I've had an incredibly fortunate experience in these past couple years, and I'm forever grateful to my past self for believing in me enough to explore completely new terrain to me and create a path. Combining my interest in marketing with my love for creativity and design has allowed me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of businesses, both big and small, while taking S. Duff Media to brand new heights each year. 


Whether you're looking to incorporate S. Duff Media into your business's creative plan or interested in pursuing a life of entrepreneurship of your own and want feedback or advice, I'm happy to give it my all. 

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the secret sauce

Every few months or so, I take some extra time to take a step back to see the ways I got to where I am in that moment and figure out what's needed to get me going in my next direction. With that being said, you could say that this business is ever-evolving and changing. While my approaches and offerings may shift, the core of what my business is made of, rarely does.

I love building relationships and working with people to help them solve their business's problems and fulfill their needs with creative marketing and strategy. I really appreciate the time and value that comes from building these relationships with my clients and know that's really the secret sauce of why S. Duff Media makes for a great creative partner. Whether you're healthcare, IT, food and entertainment, retail, or anything else in between, you can rest easy knowing I've worked with businesses in a wide variety of these verticals and understand how each niche is unique.

So let's have coffee and chat! I'd love to see how we could partner together to help bring your business to a whole new level!

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