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S. Duff Media is the in-house creative marketing agency your company wished it had. Let's work together from concept to creation, breathe new life into your business, and shake things up along the way.

the mission

the mission


Let's create something people don't forget.


This gives some insight into the development of the S. Duff Media logo. There's the old saying that elephants don't forget, and there's something pretty inspirational about that statement. I also love elephants and felt as though something would be amiss if they weren't somehow part of a brand and business that represents me. In regard to the brain portion of the logo, design and creative is generally associated with "right-brained thinkers". Additionally, good design should be cerebral or thought provoking; it should trigger some sort of response and leave a lasting memory. It's a simple twist that ties the idea of memory into a creature known to never forget.

By working together, I hope to create something that leaves an impression. Even if it's a simple logo design, helping you establish a whole visual identity, or strategizing the best way to promote your business, I want it to make a mark. Everyone has an idea, it's my job to bring it to life. 

he said, she said

"Sarah taught me how easy it was to delegate and trust. She not only understood my brand vision but she was able to transform my measly ideas into beautiful branded collateral that I am proud to share with the world and my community. "


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Design, marketing, strategy. Discover how S. Duff Media can meet your business's needs.


Not sure where to start, but have some ideas? Utilize the resource section to get the ball rolling.


We're all in this together, and sometimes there's a blog or two about the journey.

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