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Say Hello to Our Newest Face

September 7, 2017

You know that awesome feeling you get when you have great news to share? Well that's how I've been feeling for a couple of months now, and I'm excited to make it officially public for a few reasons.

  1. I get to work with someone who shares a similar vision as myself and has the experience to help me take S. Duff Media to another level.

  2. In less than a year, my business has grown to the point where I have the option to bring someone on to help me continue to grow. 

  3. She's got so many complementary skills that I believe will extend S. Duff Media's creative service offerings, allowing us to provide an even more robust creative solution to business.


So without further ado, I'm very excited and thrilled to welcome Colleen Murphy to the S. Duff Media team!


Here's a little background on the newest face, content marketer, and social media expert:


Colleen is an online storyteller, helping brands innovate and engage with their digital audiences. Having worked for over five years with industry leading corporations in the Atlanta market, Colleen understands what it takes for companies to prove success. Thoughtful content marketing and savvy social media skills are more than just #clever hashtags. Colleen uses a creative strategic approach to help brands meet their business goals, backed by data.


A Maryland native, but Southerner at heart, Colleen is a University of Georgia graduate and loyal Dawg fan (Class of 2012). She lives in Atlanta and is the director of a national championship baton twirling team, Forte Atlanta. Offline, Colleen enjoys gallivanting around Atlanta, always in search of the best sushi spot.

If you're interested in working with S. Duff Media for any of your creative marketing needs, drop us a line today!

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