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29 Things I've Learned in My 20s

February 1, 2019

I’ve always been the person who gets excited about every birthday, every year, and especially other people’s birthdays. I firmly believe in any excuse to celebrate people because why not, right? Yesterday, I celebrated my 29th birthday and while it was one of the least exciting in terms of celebrations, it was exactly perfect for 29.


While I spent the day working, I made sure to take time out to do what I wanted. There was a sort of energy in the air and it made me feel very grateful for where I’m at in life right now. So in the spirit of spreading good vibes, I wanted to share 29 things I’ve learned so far in my 20s, professionally and personally speaking.


  1. Starting routines in your late 20s is a lot harder to do than keeping up with those you establish in your early 20s.

  2. Self care is more than just a fluffy term influencers get to throw around, and it may not actually consist of sheet masks and spa days but rather going to bed at 8:30pm and not checking emails past 5pm some days.

  3. The little things really do stop bothering you the older you get. If it’s not currently serving me or the big picture, I probably won’t give it much more than a thought or two.

  4. Sacrifice isn’t such a scary word anymore but rather a necessity in order to make room for things that matter that much more.

  5. Love doesn’t divide, it multiplies and I’ve learned that my heart has so much room for more and more love.

  6. Getting a second pet is the best thing ever and brings that much more joy and love into your life.

  7. Starting new friendships as an adult is really hard, but that’s ok.

  8. You have to remind yourself daily that the personas online are not the full picture and comparing yourself to someone who puts their best self online is not a healthy way to live your own.

  9. Savings are important, taxes are not fun – especially as a business owner.

  10. Dating your best friend is everything it’s cracked up to be and more. Finding a person whose presence you want around even when you’re mad and frustrated is priceless.

  11. Most struggles are not unique so suffering in silence doesn’t really help anyone. It’s ok to ask for help or space or understanding.

  12. Take vitamins and get sleep.

  13. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by expecting everyone to react and respond in the way you feel is most fitting. This was and still is really hard for me sometimes, but I’m learning.

  14. Don’t let anyone tell you your feelings aren’t valid, personally or professionally.

  15. Business and personal life don’t have to be separate (another I’m still struggling with but getting better at!) It’s ok to put emotion into work.

  16. You don’t have to tolerate shitty people.

  17. Building solid relationships is so much more important to success in life altogether. Take an extra 5 min to learn something about someone.

  18. Just get the guac. i.e. If it’s something small that brings you joy and in 1 year you’re not going to look back on the extra $1.80 you spent for guac, get the damn guac.

  19. You get to define what brings you value in your life. Don’t feel pressured to live someone else’s reality if it’s not your dream.

  20. It is okay to suck at something, but it’s not okay to let that bring you down.

  21. Learning a new language is very very hard, but it’s so important to take the time and try.

  22. You can be happy around other happy people, but if they leave, you have to make sure you have your own happiness to sustain you.

  23. Business isn’t as risky as everyone makes it out to be, and there’s no perfect time to start a business. Work hard and put in the time.

  24. Traveling is one of the best ways to gain new perspective.

  25. Don’t follow other people’s timelines when it comes to success, love, and life. And don’t let people pressure you into decisions that don’t feel authentic to you.

  26. Become okay with silence. It’s not very often these days you truly get to experience it.

  27. Accept that some people are not good people, but the majority of people are and those are the people to gravitate toward.

  28. Family consists of who you decide are family, by support, love, interest, and appreciation, not always blood.

  29. Writing a list of 29 things was actually a lot more challenging than I ever thought it would be!




I hope if anything, you were able to take something from this list and apply it to your day! Cheers to another rotation around the sun.

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